Passport Approved 





DED RABBIT – “Gotta Get Outta This Place” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SLIDE – “Floating” (Slip N Slide Mix) (Unsigned, Sweden)

OSCAR LANG – “Something Has Changed” (Dirty Hit, UK)

EAU ROUGE – “I Know That You Know” (Riptide Records, Germany)

CATHOLIC GUILT – “Life In Three Part Harmony” (Wiretrap Records, Australia)

THE HARA – “Black Soul Ceremony” (Unsigned, UK)

VIVII – “One Day” (Dumont Dumont, Sweden)

TEN TONNES – “Girl Are You Lonely Like Me” (Unsigned, UK)

SAM JOHNSON – “Shoulder To Cry On” (Universal, UK)

THE VICES – “Looking For Faces” (Mattan Records, Holland)

LINN KOCH-EMMERY – “Hologram Love” (Welfare Sounds, Sweden)

STEREOTIDE – “All Together” (Unsigned, Germany)

TIM SCHOU – “Comeback” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

HAUSKEY – “Silver Lining” (Unsigned, Australia)

MELLAH – “Hitchin’” (Columbia Records, UK)

CONNELL CRUISE – Take Me To The River (David Gresham Records, South Africa

TWO YEAR VACATION – “Moving On From Yesterday” (Cloud Hills, Sweden)

THE CLOCKWORKS – “Enough Is Never Enough” (Creation 23, UK)

ALLDAY – “After All This Time” (Teamtrick, Australia)

LOVEBREAKERS – “Family Man” (Little Rocket / Sabbath City, UK)

MY LIFE AS ALI THOMAS – “RINN” (Warner Music, Thailand)

RAZZ – “1969 - Conrad” (Unsigned, Germany)

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Loosie” (Unsigned, Sweden)

GOLD MEMBER – “Blue Coma” (Sureshaker, Australia)

JEREMY LOOPS – “Til I Found You” (Universal, South Africa)

THE AWKWARD – “Back” (Unsigned, Holland)

LAURA HYDE – “Coca Cola” (Unsigned, Australia)

SEA GIRLS – “This Is The End” (Polydor, UK)

JACOB BROWNE – “Upside Down” (Unsigned, UK)

CRUCCHI GANG – “La La La io non ti amo non mi ami Aha Aha Aha” (Universal, Germany)

THE PALE WHITE – “Glue” (Unsigned, UK)

ADÉLAIDE – “Paintings In The Sky” (Unsigned, Germany)

MIDDLE KIDS – “R U 4 Me?” (EMI, Australia)