Passport Approved 





TEENAGE JOANS – “Ice Cream” (27 Music, Australia)

THE VICES – “In And Out” (Mattan Records, Holland)

ALLDAY – “After All This Time” (Teamtrick, Australia)

DED RABBIT – “All Fired Up” (Unsigned, Scotland)

DANNY BALDURSSON – “Tears” (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Drugs X Boys X Drugs” (Unsigned, Sweden)

TIM SCHOU – “Mad Love” Feat Sowfy (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

THE PALE WHITE – “That Dress” (Unsigned, UK)

BOY DESTROY – “Favourite” (Budfox, Sweden)

FRIEDBERG – “Yeah” (Marathon Artists, UK)

TEN TONNES – “Everything You Got” (Unsigned, UK)

MY LIFE AS ALI THOMAS – “My Red Golden Sun” (Warner Music, Thailand)

LUNA BAY – “Blue” (Unsigned, UK)

WAITING FOR SMITH - “Hopelessness of Love” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

LOTTERY WINNERS Featuring FRANK TURNER – “Start Again” (Modern Sky, UK)

STEREOTIDE – “All Together” (Unsigned, Germany)

PAPER IDOL – “Tightrope” (Unsigned, N. America)

PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION – “The Back Seat” (Unsigned, UK)

SUNHILL – “Spot In The Shade” (BlackValley Records, Sweden)

CRYSTAL TIDES – “Last Time” (Unsigned, UK)

CANNONS – “Bad Dream” (Unsigned, N. America)

YOSHI FLOWER – “Boys Don’t Cry (Interscope, N. America)

SLIDE – “Floating” (Slip N Slide Mix) (Unsigned, Sweden)

THE TERRYS – “Our Paradise” (Unsigned, Australia)

BALTHAZAR – “On A Roll” (Munich Records, Belgium)

THE VELVET HANDS – “Star” (Unsigned, UK)

THE RUBENS – “Masterpiece” (Ivy League Records/Ditto/Humming, Australia)

ELI SMART – “Highschool Steady” (Universal Music Group, UK)

FINE. – “Air” (Blickpunkt-Pop, Germany)

THE HARA – “Black Soul Ceremony” (Unsigned, UK)

7 DAYS IN ALASKA – “Hurts Like Bullets” (Gain/Fift Island/Sony Music, Norway)

EAU ROUGE – “I Know That You Know” (Riptide Records, Germany)