Passport Approved 




20-47 & 20-48

MELLAH – “Hitchin’” (Columbia Records, UK)

G FLIP – “You & I” (Future Classic, Australia)

CRYSTAL TIDES – “Courtney Love” (Unsigned, UK)

MIA RODRIGUEZ – “Beautiful & Bittersweet” (City Pop, Australia)

TWO YEAR VACATION – “Django” (Cloud Hills, Sweden)

DOWN FOR TOMORROW – “Survive” (Good Intent, Australia)

CRUCCHI GANG – “La La La io non ti amo non mi ami Aha Aha Aha” (Universal, Germany)

COACH PARTY – “Can’t Talk, Won’t” (Unsigned, Isle of Wight)

BOY DESTROY – “Warpaint” (Bud Fox, Sweden)

SAM AND SOUNDS – “Addicted To You” (Unsigned, UK)

ROOSEVELT – “Feels Right” (Greco Roman, Germany)

LAURAN HIBBERD – “Boy Bye” (Unsigned, Isle of Wight)

LOVEBREAKERS – “Horizons” (Little Rocket / Sabbath City, UK)

RICH BEESTON – “Coincidences” (Unsigned, Australia)

SAAHIL BhARGAVA – “Plug In Baby” (Unsigned, India)

GOLD MEMBER – “Chilli & Cocoa” (Sureshaker, Australia)

SEA GIRLS – “All I Want To Hear You Say” (Polydor, UK)

MATTHEW MOLE – “Keep It Together” (Universal Music, South Africa)

THE VITRIOTS – “Down On My Level” (Sureshaker, Australia)

TEMPESST – “Must Be A Dream” (Pony Recordings, UK)

TOM LUMLEY & THE BRAVE LIASON – “Better Than This” (Fort Records, UK)

ASAF AVIDAN – “900 Days” (Telmavar Records & Polydor/Universal, Germany)

THE PALE WHITE – “Take Your Time” (Unsigned, UK)

ADÉLAIDE – “Silent Hope” (Unsigned, Germany)

MONOWHALES – “All Or Nothing” (TRUE Records, Canada)

IAMJJ – “Different Kind of Blues” (Unsigned, Denmark)

INHALER – “When It Breaks” (Polydor, UK)

RED MOON – “Dreamer” (Decca, UK)

DOTAN - There Will Be A Way (7 Layers, Holland)

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Lines Of Love” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

CATHOLIC GUILT – “A Boutique Affair” (Wiretap Records, Australia)