Passport Approved 





ADÉLAIDE – “Silent Hope” (Unsigned, Germany)

SEA GIRLS – “All I Wanna Hear You Say” (Polydor, UK)

AMY LILLEY – “Formidable” (Unsigned, South Africa)

DOWN FOR TOMORROW – “Trouble Prone” (Good Intent, Australia)

GIANT ROOKS – “Heat Up” (AR Entertainment, Germany)

THE ACADEMIC – “Acting My Age” (Epic, UK)

TWO YEAR VACATION – “Getaway” (Cloud Hills, Sweden)

THE HARA – “Tokyo Hit” (Sign Of The Times, UK)

SYCCO – “Dribble” (Future Classic/Wilder Records, Australia)

THE FEENS – “Sunset” (Unsigned, UK)

CATHOLIC GUILT – “A Boutique Affair” (Wiretap Records, Australia)


RED ROBYN – “Got Me (Featuring The World of Birds)” (Red Robyn Music, South Africa)

DRY CLEAN ONLY - "Lonely Love” (Unsigned, N. America)

LAUREN WALLER – “Best Coast” (Ginge Binge LLC, N. America)

SLIDE – “Hello Spirit” (If Music Could Talk, Sweden)

LEONIDEN – “L.O.V.E.” (Euphorie, Germany)

ROBERT GRACE – “Fake Fine” (Sony, Ireland)

BLACK HONEY – “Beaches” (Fox Five Records, UK)

LARKINS – “TV Dream” (Good Soldier Songs, UK)

SAAHIL BHARGAVA – “Plug In Baby” (Unsigned, India)

DEVON – “Trust Issues” (Universal, UK)

STEREOTIDE – “Hope” (Unsigned, Germany)

MARTHAGUNN – “Caught Up & Confused” (Communion, UK)

POLAR STATES – “2020” (Killing Moon, UK)

GINA BROOKLYN – “No More Hiding” (Unsigned, N. America)

GOLD MEMBER – “Loose Change” (Sureshaker, Australia)

VISTAS – “Everything Changes In The End” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SCHOOL OF X – “Forgot Me On The Moon” (Tambourhinoceros, Denmark)

BLACK SATELLITE – “Void” (484 Records, N. America)

AJ HANS – “On My Own” (Unsigned, UK)

THE LOTTERY WINNERS – “Headlock” (Modern Sky, UK)